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Supply Chain Solutions

Supply Chain Solutions

By puja rani 2 years ago

In Late 2005 against stiff competition from major US manufacturers Rotaform won the contract to produce folding bins for The Warehouse. Our award winning 735 Litre Rotacrate was chosen over imported units due to a number of unique patented features.

As well as The warehouse, Rhino Rotacrates have helped hundreds of companies in New Zealand and abroad do the following:

Save money

  • By replacing one way packaging with reusable packaging that is used over and over.
  • By supplying foldable packaging that saves money on freight - up to a 50% saving can be achieved.
  • By reducing product damage by better protecting product
  • By improving productivity and workflow with moulded-in barcodes or colour-coded bins.
  • By better utilising limited storage space
  • By lowering labour costs with ergonomic deisgn and material selection with lower R&M costs, the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is lower than comparable products.

Improve plant hygiene and food safety

  • By supplying product manufactured with FDA and EU approved material.
  • By designing and supplying customer made solutions for food processors.
  • By supplying easy clean products with no gussets and food traps.
  • By offering a moulded-in labelling service for clear identification of products.

Improve sustainability and environmental footprint

  • By replacing one way packaging with innovative reusable packaging that saves money on freight.
  • By offering a recycling service where product can be returned and its materials re-employed into a consumer product such as a compost bin or toolbox.
  • By offering a repair service where we weld or replace parts. This saves money and resources.

Improve safety

  • By safely storing product in safe, strong crates that are designed to lock in place.
  • By designing product to air picking, loading and lifting by workers
  • By offering customer colours and moulded-in labels that identify contents

Two size available - 735 Litre and 430 Litre, vented and non-vented options.