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  1. Food Grade Hopper 800 Litre

    A practical 800 litre hopper made out of food contact approved material. Ideal for bulk handling of free flowing products such as powders, food ingredients, industrial components (closures etc) as well as liquids.


    • Food Grade Slide Valve
    • Stackable
    • Pallet Jackable
    • Fork hoistable
    • Steep fall to valve to ensure good flow
    • Proven design
    • RFID (Low frequency) moulded in on request.
    • Bar Codes moulded in on request


    • Improves efficiencies through bulk handling.
    • Can be shipped and returned to and from your customers straight from the production or picking line.
    • Because these units are stackable, full or empty, less of your valuable warehouse space is required.
  2. Pail 10 Litre

    Food grade, with sturdy metal handle

    Material conforms with FDA and EU standards for food contact.

  3. Pail 20 Litre

    Food grade bucket with sturdy metal handle.

    Material conforms to FDA and EU standards for food contact.

  4. Pail Heavy Duty 25 Litre

    Rotaform’s heavy duty bucket is designed for industrial applications, extra heavy wall thickness means this bucket will take the knocks. Go on kick the bucket – this bucket will take it!

    • Food Grade Material

    • 1 litre increments measure

    • Smooth inside makes it easier to clean

    • Comfortable handle


    A Cost effective one way pallet designed to clear a path through customs to your customers.
  6. RHINO Food Grade Pallet

    4 way fork entry

    100% virgin food grade polyethylene

    Perimeter top lip helps stop product sliding off the pallet

    We manufacture both rackable and floor pallets

    Racks loads up to 800 kg

    Static load up to 2000 kg

    Suitable down to -20°C. We use a low density polyethylene, which is a softer material than your standard injection moulded pallets but has 3 times the impact strength. This is especially evident at -20°C

    Color code your factory! Rotaform Plastics can manufacture your Rhino® Food Grade Pallets in multiple colours – red, blue, white, grey, green

    Very hygienic, no gussets or holes for product to hide and most of all WASHABLE

  7. Rhino Freezer Pallet

    Designed for the meat industry in critical hygeine areas but can be used in all industries


    • Can be edge wracked to 1000kg.
    • Removable, replaceable beams reduce maintenence costs.
    • Made of material that conforms to EU and FDA standards for food contact.
    • Made of high impact rotomolded LDPE which has exceptional impact strength even at low tempetratures to -40oC.
    • Smooth, easy clean construction, no gussets for food to become trapped in.


    • Easy to clean. 
    • Conforms to international regulartories for food contact. 
    • Due to material choice and intelligent design these pallets will last the distance and have minimal maintenence costs.
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7 Item(s)